Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is my privacy guaranteed?

Our exclusive model escorts agency is managed by a team of professionals who have been in the escort business for more than 17 years. We understand the importance of privacy. That is why the privacy of our clients AND our model escorts is our priority.  We will never save your contact details or e-mails. After the initial booking, all our correspondence will be deleted. Also, all our escort models have passed a strict qualification process to ensure reliability and discretion. All models have signed a non-disclosure, agreeing to rules and regulations per our agency’s standards.

Equally, we ask our clients to respect the privacy of our escort models. Asking private information from our models, such as contact info. outside of the agency will not be tolerated. Please be a gentleman and let our international escort agency handle the bookings so that both parties are comfortable and satisfied.

  • How can I see the photos of the model escorts?

Most of our model escorts are professional models, supermodels and tv stars. Their privacy is highly important to them. Since hacking is common in today’s digital world, we do not present the photos of our VIP escort models on the website. Instead, there is a private gallery which is only accessible by our members. Access to the private gallery is protected by login and password.

In order to have access, please apply for a membership. Membership fee is 2.500 euro. This amount will be reduced from the total amount on your first booking!! Notice that we are very strict when it comes to the privacy of our clients AND escort models. Therefore we are not able to provide you with a “temporary” access to the gallery!

  • How can I be sure that it is not a scam? (Once I pay for membership what happens?)

Not to sound impolite, but if you are afraid to lose a few thousand euros, then you are unfortunately not the right client for us. At our exclusive escort agency the rates per model start from 5 000 euro to 200 000 euro for an overnight. If you don’t mind paying this amount to spend a night with a supermodel then you are not the type to worry about few thousand euros or scams. Having said that, we can assure you that we are not scam artists. We have been in this business for over 17 years and we manage several exclusive escort agencies.

  • Do you accept credit cards (visa etc.) ?

Unfortunately, we had several unpleasant experiences in the past with clients who made the payments with credit cards, so we decided to no longer accept visa or any credit card payments. You can make the membership payment directly to our bank account or in cash to our general manager. We guarantee your privacy. If you wish to receive a discrete invoice for the membership payment, please feel free to let us know. Payment for the companionship can be paid either directly to our escort model upon her arrival or to our bank account.

  • Can I choose the hotel when I book one of your escort models?

Our exclusive VIP model escorts represented at our international escort agency are high-class and therefore expect high-class accommodations. 5 star hotels or above.

  • What if I really like the escort model that I have met through your escort agency?

Our management team invests a lot of time, energy and money in order to select the best and most exclusive model escorts for you. It would be impolite to ask our escort model to see her outside the agency. This is also highly disrespectful to our models since you would be trying to cheapen her value. However, we understand that two people can like each other and in that case our exclusive escort agency would like to intervene as a matchmaker.

  • How much time in advance do I need to make a booking?

Please notice that the escort models that we represent are not full-time escorts. That means they are extremely busy with their career and therefore it is important to make a reservation at least 3 DAYS in advance.